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June 29, 2012
Tofino Summer Kids Camps

With so many summer camps to choose from, kids have lots to keep them busy...sports camps, dance camps, wilderness camps, and you-name-it camps.  Which is probably why Pacific Sands Summer Kid’s Camps have always been a hit!  Where else can kids discover the magic of a tide-pool, stroll through the jaw-dropping wisdom of an ancient rainforest, learn handy survival skills and get cozy with sea lions?! 

Free to young guests all summer long, kids love the fun adventures around the resort and parents enjoy the break…sounds like everybody wins.

Daily from 10am to 11:30am during July and August, we’re extra excited this year to team up with the Raincoast Education Society, an independent non-profit society with a passion for the environmentally sustainable future of the Clayoquot and Barkley Sound area. 

They’re bringing a cool botanical, educational twist to the Kid’s Camp program with highlights including:

  • Sea Otters 101 – have you ever sung an otter song?
  • Animal Trackers – learn to track animal prints like a pro!
  • Whales 101 – see what a real whale baleen looks like!
  • Sharks & Skates 101 – do you know what a “mermaid’s purse” really looks like?
  • Tide-pool Exploring – it’s amazing what lives in just one tide-pool! 
  • Rainforest Trekking – enjoy a wild scavenger hunt through the rainforest
  • Seals & Sea Lions 101 – they’re more than just cute!
  • First Nations Botanical Magic – learn how the rainforest is both a drugstore and a supermarket!

Be sure to check out more Summer Kid’s Camp details and other complimentary resort services including nightly Smores Roasts in the Gazebo….mmmm marshmallows.  

Also don’t forget bike rentals, Beachside BBQ catered buffets, and enough Tofino activities & events to ensure non-stop entertainment during your stay with us.  After all that, if everyone can stay awake for family movie night, we’ve got 500+ DVD’s to choose from.

Yes, it’s all about fun and family time here…has been for generations.  We look forward to welcoming you and yours!


Mikaela Mathieu Gauthier(1 year ago)

My name is MIkaela and I am currently studying at McGill University (Montreal) in Kindergarten/Elementary Education. I am interested in coming to BC this summer to explore Canada but also to add to my experience with children.

How might I go about to submit a staff application?

Hoping to hear back from you,



Pacific Sands(1 year ago)
Hi Mikaela! Best to reach out to us here

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