Tacofino - Better than Baja

July 24, 2012

Maybe we’re a little biased, but along with daily line-ups of loyal, hungry fans, we happen to think the fish tacos at Tacofino could go head to head with Baja beach huts – and win. 

Fuelled by the food truck phenomenon and a philosophy “to offer quality, freshness and affordability with a environmental and nutritional conscience”, Tofino locals and Tacofino founders Kaeli Robinsong and Jason Susman are making massive foodie waves with a menu of flavours so fresh they should be twitching.   

Sure tacos out of a truck in a gravel parking lot may not scream gourmet, but one bite of Tacofino’s signature Fish Taco and you’ll experience a crunchy, juicy, flavour-packed bite of awesomeness than will forever change how you view fish, let alone tacos.  Their Tuna Ta-Taco and Pork Gringa have a similar impact…but wait!  Tacofino talks to your sweet-tooth too.

[Drum-roll]…Introducing the Chocolate-Diablo Cookie, a legendary morsel that comes by its name honestly.  This devilishly delicious cookie laced with cayenne pepper, cinnamon, ginger and chocolate chunks, has a salty sweet goodness that kind of sneaks up on your senses.  Actually at the risk of crossing the line, this cookie is seductively good.  Like…can’t-stop-thinking-about-it-addictive-good.  Save room…and eat at your own risk.

Of course we couldn’t keep Tacofino all to ourselves.  With Vancouver City Council jumping on the food truck bandwagon in recent years, Tacofino took a leap too with two trucks now roaming downtown delighting happy office workers and tourists.  Recently featured on the Food Network’s popular Eat St., food bloggers and Twitter stalkers are also falling in love with Tacofino.  And this summer, these entrepreneurial funsters are expanding to more permanent digs with a 50-seat restaurant in Vancouver’s much-loved Gastown area.  This new off-road Tacofino will also be a licensed bar specializing in (surprise!) tequila as well as handcrafted ales from local beer specialists including Tofino Brewing Company.

We’re excited for the Tacofino team and applaud their exciting growth, but the fact that from April through October their original parking lot roots are 5 minutes from our resort is a beautiful and yummy thing. 

Don’t miss this great food experience on your next visit – unfussy, made-from-scratch, and so Tofino.  Bring your appetite and count on meeting some enthusiastic locals with lots of menu advice.


Claudine Romani(5 years ago)
Great idea !!! I have to try this !!!!!! Love your place.

(5 years ago)
Like we said Claudine, bring your appetite! Just ask for easy directions to Tacofino...5 min away...see you soon!

Michelle De Martin(5 years ago)
We saw Tacofino on Eat St. last year and made sure that we went there during our visit to Pacific Sands last October. It was the best taco of any kind that I have ever eaten in my life. The Baja fish taco is AMAZEBALLS!

I cannot wait to take friends to the Gastown restaurant.

(5 years ago)
"Amazeballs"...now that's a great word!

Frank Konopski(5 years ago)
We stayed a week at Pacific Sands this May and it was AWESOME! After hearing much about Tacofino, we went there one night, but it was after closing time. We came back a couple of days later and saw staff in the bus, but they had to close early that day. We tried for the third time on another day and were relieved to finally get in the lineup. We were then informed that they had run out of fish, so the legendary fish tacos were a no-go. We made a beeline to Big Daddy's Fish Fry and had some INCREDIBLE fish tacos. Maybe next time we are in Tofino we can finally find out what all the fuss is about at Tacofino ;-)

(5 years ago)
Great fish taco effort Frank...love your persistence! Tacofino will be worth the wait...and we look forward to seeing you again soon too.

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