Every Day’s Valentine’s at Pacific Sands

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Every Day’s Valentine’s at Pacific Sands

Nothing against Hallmark but it’s Valentine’s Day every day at Pacific Sands. 

Misty beach walks along Cox Bay, champagne toasts at Sunset Point, raised ocean view soaker tubs for 2, great kitchens that suggest “stay-in” by candlelight, fireside movie nights… what can we say, we offer our Pacific Romance Package year round for a reason.  Day after day love stories unfold here, and it’s been that way for decades.

So hopeless romantics that we are, we decided to have a “Tell Us How You Met Your Sweetheart Contest” on Facebook.  We invited fans to post their story… the “most-liked” story with the highest number of votes would win a 2-Night Pacific Romance Package. 

A celebration of fantastic sappiness ensued as droves of lovey-dovey stories were told, regaled and “liked” a lot. 

Honorable mention to Angila Peters-Clow with 46 votes for her story about a VIA rail station (mis)connection with her husband of (now) 10 years, but the clear winner was Shannon Clarke with 78 votes.  Turns out her love story even included us (blush).

Shannon’s story as told on Facebook:

“I was working at a summer market selling jewelry and he was walking by with a group of friends.  He had to walk by me twice to get up the courage to come and talk to me.  I tried to play it cool when he asked if I would like to come and meet him and his friends at a restaurant after I finished work.  I said "maybe, we'll see”.  I was not the kind of person to take risks like that, but I decided it was time to step out of my shell.  I met him later at a local pub where we shared great stories and lots of laughs.  After 3 months together we stayed at Pacific Sands where we shared our first "I love you’s”.  This will be our first year together that we have not had the resources to stay at Pacific Sands as I am a full-time student applying to medical school.  But back to the good things!  My first big risk led to the biggest reward of my life as I have now had 4 years with the man of my dreams!”

Congratulations Shannon!  We can’t wait to welcome you back for your 2-Night Pacific Romance Package prize.

Thanks to everyone for an overwhelming response to our fun, sentimental contest!  For more spontaneous getaway contests, stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter.