Making Travel Logistics Fun & Easy

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Making Travel Logistics Fun & Easy

As our legacy of guests will attest, part of the adventure of coming to Tofino is the road-trip.  From check-lists and packing to travel logistics, it takes some pre-planning.  But with value-added bonuses like our new BC Residents’ Bonus Package, it doesn’t have to be an Amazing Race episode.

How does up to $450 in BC Ferry fare, gas and groceries at Co-op and dining at Tofino’s Shelter Restaurant sound?  Check it out BC Residents – we’ve got the cost of getting here covered and more.

What else should you plan for?

As the only resort in Tofino with fully-equipped kitchens in every suite, think big seaside family dinners or romantic time for two.  Pacific Sands is nirvana for reconnecting over great food, wine and the smell and sound of the surf… but for getaways when you’d rather pack fuzzy slippers and extra books, we offer convenient food and beverage services including:

Check out our vast list of in-room amenities you don’t have to pack.  Some highlights:

More complimentary resort services:

Yes, it’s all about great getaway value and yes… we think of everything.