Coffee Talk

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Coffee Talk

Thanks to cool old western movies, Juan Valdez, the allure of European cafes, and cups called Starbucks, Tim and Joe, coffee is deeply entrenched as our favourite habitual social drink.  We’ve been weaned on caffeine-fuelled culture that wakes us up and brings us together. 

Coffee’s especially big on the west coast, probably because it goes well with beach walks. 

Which is why we searched all over British Columbia to find the very best brews for you to enjoy when staying with us… not to mention your choice of pick-me-up settings: 

Recently named Beans on the Beach by Facebook contest winner Chris Watts, our Espresso Bar is a vision of java loveliness with an intoxicating aroma that makes you want to explore something new.  And did you know our Guest Services Team are trained baristas?  Oh yes, they not only smile, answer your questions and look after your every wish… from lattes and Americanos to tall, dark and straight-up, they’re rockstars on the espresso machine.  Foam, no-foam, skinny or double-double…just ask.  They can whip you up a yummy hot chocolate too.

Get it to-go and sip by the surf? 

Fireside with an afternoon book? 

Sunset stroll out to Pettinger Point?

While soaking in the view from your deck or hot tub?

Or just stay in bed…one more way to enjoy our Pacific Romance Package

You get to decide.  It’s your getaway, your coffee, your call.


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