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Introducing Gourmet Pantry: Kitchen Tools, Appliances & Cookware for Inspired Chefs

As the only resort in Tofino with fully-equipped kitchens in every suite, we know how much that means to our guests.  The ability to cook seaside with family, friends, or romantic meals for two is part of the Pacific Sands experience and has been for generations. 

We have most kitchen basics covered for culinary adventures during your stay, but as of Dec 21 visiting chefs will be able to borrow even more kitchen tools, appliances and cookware with our new Gourmet Pantry program.

Day after day we see guests arriving loaded with food ingredients and supplies for those special meals they can’t wait to prepare in the comfort of their suite.  But it was when we started seeing guests unloading particular pots, gadgets and even appliances from their vehicles that the idea of a “lending library” of additional kitchen equipment came to be. 

With the launch of Gourmet Pantry on Dec 21 – just in time for our Christmas holiday guests – if you need something special, you can simply visit Guest Services, sign-out items you need, and voila! 

What’s on the menu for your next visit?  Whether you’re a happy cook bringing foolproof recipes or an Iron Chef with a repertoire of signature dishes, Gourmet Pantry will make it fun and easy to plan ahead with items including:

Tools & Gadgets

  • Salad dressing mixer bottle to whip up your favourite vinaigrette?
  • Meat pounder/tenderizer for the perfect way you prepare your steak or chicken dish?
  • A fine grater for lemon zest in a marinade or nutmeg in your eggnog?
  • More tools & gadgets

Pans & Bakeware

  • Cake pans and baking dishes for a delicious dessert or somebody’s birthday treat?
  • Paella pan for the classic Spanish dish using fresh seafood from the dock/fish stores in Tofino?
  • Stoneware baking/serving dish for your family’s favourite casserole?
  • More pans & bakeware


  • Crock pot for a hearty slow-cooked meal that’s ready when you get back from your Tofino tour?
  • Waffle iron for a delicious, lazy weekend brunch?
  • Food processor to make quick work of that dip you’re famous for?
  • Panini maker for yummy sandwiches to go with the fish chowder you're planning to make for lunch?
  • More appliances

Serving Dishes

  • Need a small or large porcelain platter to serve appetizers for happy hour?
  • How about a family style platter to serve up your salad or pasta dish?


Cook's Note:  We have an extensive yet varying inventory of Gourmet Pantry items. So for example, your ability to borrow certain items on busy weekends may be subject to availability.  Thanks in advance for your patience as we monitor what items are extra-popular.