Cheers to Our Planet – Tofino Earth Week

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Cheers to Our Planet – Tofino Earth Week

[Applause + ovations]   Happy Earth Day! It’s April 22nd, which means the largest environmental event in the world is happening TODAY as more than a billion people in towns and cities around the globe celebrate this planet we all get to revolve on.

More importantly, Earth Day shines a sustainable spotlight on how we keep it revolving. Here in Tofino, we take it a little further with a seven-day focus, turning one day into Tofino Earth Week–April 20 to 27. (Pssst! Not to brag but we have some creative license as a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.)

By the way, UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; a worldwide network of biosphere reserves with 621 sites in 117 countries. For all the spectacular reasons you may remember that caught the world’s attention during the logging protests in the 1990s, Tofino’s Clayoquot Sound has been a designated UNESCO site since 2000.

Clearly the fact that it’s one of the last remaining ancient, temperate rainforests untouched by industrial logging stands for something!

Between that deserved designation and the conservation efforts of Tofino’s Raincoast Education Society, we take eco-anything pretty seriously around here. Which is why Tofino’s Earth Week is all about action, education and community.

At the Resort this weekend?

There’s much more, but you get the idea?

Check out this video on UNESCO’s important role in our eco-future, what Tofino’s role is as a biosphere reserve, and why every day is Earth Day: