Celebrate Girl-Time with our Girlfriend Getaway Package

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Celebrate Girl-Time with our Girlfriend Getaway Package

Women instinctively know that there’s no better way to push pause on life’s demands, curve-balls, and hectic work and family schedules than a girls’ weekend.

It’s an estrogen-fuelled almost primal need for getaway therapy – a soul-cleansing, no-brainer, no-men, no-kids escape. And when the rally cry goes out, we answer the call with our Girlfriend Getaway Package.

A tried, tested and true way to park office-politics, replace car-pools with tide-pools, and deep, marital pillow talk with spontaneous pillow-fights. From spacious Beach House luxury and Prosecco on arrival, to unlimited DVDs for chick-flick marathons, this one’s for the girls.

So what is it about a few days away with girlfriends that’s so therapeutic?

Well, girl’s weekends are actually code for “liberating” – they give you permission to:

Breathe deep – as in total relaxation, which may include mimosas and gossip magazines in one of our cozy robes until mid-afternoon if you like. Or get literal about breathing with nearby yoga classes and pampering spas. But with one of the most renowned rainforests in the world steps from your Beach House, there’s nothing quite like a hike and a group tree-hug, or a solo oxygen-rich beach walk to clear your head.

Be lazy in the kitchen, or not – our fully equipped Beach House kitchens have been known to muster-up some Food Network-worthy spreads, but if you want to banish the stove and venture out, Tofino has some outrageously delicious and award-winning restaurants.

Be brave – do something you’ve never done before. Go surfing, try paddle boarding, group glass blowing, or a wilderness tour around jaw-dropping Clayoquot Sound.

Be vulnerable – it goes without saying that boy-talk is always on the table, but who cares about wearing make-up, shaving your legs or that XX-pounds that came out of nowhere? Pull on your sweats, cue the chocolate, raise a glass to the bliss of ice cream, and celebrate muffin-tops.

Be real – laugh until you cry, or just cry, don’t hesitate to open that next bottle of wine, and feel free to swear – it’s cathartic. Plus there’s no judgment when you’re with the girls.

Be indulgent – take a nap. Enough said.

So gather your sisters-from-another-mother and treat yourselves to a crazy-fun escape to the spectacular shores of Tofino with our Girlfriend Getaway Package.

Getting here is half the fun. Then exhale and let the magic unfold…but be sure to lay down the cardinal rule of girls’ getaways:

Nothing goes on Facebook without pre-clearance. (wink)