New Surf Shack – Now Open

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New Surf Shack – Now Open

When you’re a surf-town like Tofino, surfing means many things. To locals it’s a culture, a religion, a performance art on a moving, liquid stage. To visitors it’s an escape, an adventure, a bucket-list check mark. The common denominator? Fun. Which is exactly what we were thinking when we took a second look at how we could turn an old Resort cabin into a Surf Shack. What better way to celebrate the easy, breezy lifestyle of Tofino than a seaside surf hang-out?

But first, much like the storied history of surfing, that old Resort cabin has a story to tell.

When the Pettinger family purchased the (then) “Pacific Paradise Motel” in 1973, there were four original cabins. It was the original Cabin #1 of four, and it sat where the main beachfront Gazebo is now. When the Lighthouse Suites were built in the late 1980s, Cabin #1 was moved to beside Guest Services.

Enter local character Don Hughes – a retired river pilot from the US – who had a special friendship with original owner Bill Pettinger. After a Resort real estate strategy changed direction, Don struck a deal with Bill that meant he could reside in Cabin #1 for the rest of his life.

And that’s what Don did. For over 30 years, he was a friendly fixture at Pacific Sands. His humble home was known as “Captain Don’s Cabin,” and when he wasn’t fishing, he made himself useful and enjoyed helping fix things around the Resort. After Don passed 5 years ago, his cabin was converted to storage – until now.

With the Surf Shack renovation complete, your Pacific Sands surf experience is about to get even more epic, including:

We’re stoked about the perfect timing for summer surfing, but with the anticipation of winter surf season closing in fast, we can’t wait for even bigger waves and lots of fun, new surf stories.

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