Kathryn Beals: Art Inspired by Nature and Neurology

What happens when you combine studying forestry and environmental science at Berkeley with a self-taught artist from Vancouver Island that’s energized by natural beauty, migraines, and giving back? You get…

Ahousaht Territory Shoreline Cleanup

Pacific Sands staff were honoured to be a part of an amazing, environmental initiative led by Coastal Restoration Society‘s ‘Clean Coast, Clean Waters’ project. The Clayoquot Sound cleanup was in…

Cheers to Our Planet – Tofino Earth Week

[Applause + ovations] Happy Earth Day! It’s April 22nd, which means the largest environmental event in the world is happening TODAY as more than a billion people in towns and cities around the globe celebrate this planet we all get to revolve on. More importantly, Earth Day shines a sustainable spotlight on how we keep it revolving. Here in Tofino, we take it a little further with a seven-day focus, turning one day into Earth Week–April 20 to 27. (Pssst! Not to brag but we have some creative license as a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.)

Tofino’s Eco-Future Thanks to Raincoast Education Society

As you can appreciate, everything about the Tofino region’s rainforest ecosystem involves conservation efforts. From protecting shorelines and wildlife to sustainable living, if it’s something environmentally oriented, the Raincoast Education Society (RES) is involved. And whether it’s the full-scale UNESCO Biosphere Reserve calibre projects RES has on the go, or Kids Camps right here at Pacific Sands, we’re big fans on every level.

Travelling Green

“Eco” is one of those hip yet controversial words we hear a lot these days. Usually in the same sentence as “environmental”, “conservation”, “sustainability” and more 4+ syllable words that ultimately mean one thing… how you/me/we impact the future of this planet we all call home. At Pacific Sands we take the small role we play in the big picture very seriously and are very proud to have recently been awarded 4 Keys in the Green Key Eco-Rating Program.

Cleaning Up Our Act with “Clean the World”

Ever wonder what happens to all those little soaps and shampoo bottles you leave behind in hotel rooms? The ones you barely use?

Truth is they often end up in already overflowing landfills where they contaminate already fragile groundwater systems. What a waste, what a disaster. Meantime, impoverished people around the world die every day from infection and disease because they don’t have access to soap.

Doesn’t compute does it…