September 8, 2020 - September 17, 2020

Carving On The Edge Festival

Join Carving On The Edge Festival for their 10th-anniversary celebration, September 8-17, 2020.

Carving on the Edge Festival brings awareness to the vast and rich tradition of coastal carving, building cultural bridges and creates a space for reconciliation in action. The festival features and upholds professional artists alongside cultural leaders, emphasizing how art and culture are inextricably linked in First Nations traditions. This year’s festival features artist forum, evening programs, Edge Art Show, workshops, open carving area and traditional dugout canoe tours.

Come and experience the power of west coast carving at the Edge Art Show, a non-juried art show for all carving artists. Professional Artists are invited to showcase or create featured installations that respond to the chosen curatorial theme. Includes Art Show Tours led by participating artists.

The most up to date schedule and programming information can be found on the Carving on the Edge Festival webpage.