Stay + Sauna Wellness Package


Hot, cold, rest, repeat—that’s the mantra and holistic routine behind a traditional, wood-fired, Nordic sauna experience. See what we mean with this self-care focussed package, including 10% off a 2-night stay in any of our Beachfront & Oceanview Accommodations PLUS 25% off a private, 2-hour sauna session.

From winter storm watching to summer wave gazing, it’s an all-season, healthy, and refreshing way to immerse yourself in natural, wood-fired heat, then feel the sand under your feet and kelp on your skin as you wade out into the waves of the Pacific Ocean for an icy dip. More on Nordic Spa-ing Tofino-Style.


  • 10% OFF a 2-night stay in your choice of Beachfront & Oceanview Accommodation
  • Complimentary bottle of wine upon arrival
  • 25% OFF an onsite, 2-hour PRIVATE barrel-sauna rental overlooking Cox Bay, including cold showers and Adirondack lounging chairs. Brought to you by Tuff City Saunas.

For more details and to book, call 1.800.565.2322 or book online today!