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February 27, 2018

Have you ever taken a boardwalk stroll to Pettinger Point? The magic of the whimsical, wooden trail as it weaves through a towering canopy of old-growth forest. Massive, moss-covered trees lining the meandering path like gnarled, yet welcoming gatekeepers breathing the same intoxicating air you are. The thick salal shrubs opening up to grassy seaside flats with the pounding surf of Cox Bay to the south, Rosie Bay and Chesterman Beach to the north, and nothing but Pacific Ocean and Japan to the west.

Climb up the rocky bank and you reach the windswept precipice of spectacular that is Pettinger Point—a landmark on the edge of Pacific Sands’ west coast perch that showcases some of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ve ever seen.

Sound about right? Well, for a limited time you can purchase a part of Pettinger Point with your own personalized boardwalk plank.

Named after the Pettinger family—the visionary entrepreneurs that saw an opportunity in 1972 and created Pacific Sands Beach Resort—Pettinger Point has been the backdrop for countless moments and memories.

From generations of family reunions and celebrations of life, to proposals, weddings and innocent strolls that led to life-changing revelations, Pettinger Point was there.

But after years of back/forth wear and tear, the boardwalk needed some TLC. So we are now in the process of replacing it with beautiful, sweet smelling cedar planks.

And we decided to mark decades of memories with a personal touch—engraving names of guests who have shared special moments at Pacific Sands on individual planks. We’re 60% complete with some of our most time-honoured guests already represented.

Want to be a part of it?

<< If you/your family would like to imprint your name or a lasting memory at Pacific Sands, we’re offering the opportunity to buy a personalized plank on the boardwalk to Pettinger Point for $150—includes engraving of a name or inspirational message (up to 30 characters with spaces). >>

This is a non-profit initiative that simply covers our costs, because for us, it’s all about sharing this incredible place with you, and making your next journey along the boardwalk to Pettinger Point even more magic.

TO PURCHASE your personalized Pettinger Point boardwalk plank, or call 1.800.565.2322.


Kelly Pollon(2 weeks ago)
I would like to purchase boardwalk plank.

Pacific Sands(2 weeks ago)
Hi Kelly! Sounds great. Per above, to purchase please call 1.800.565.2322 or email

Trina Mattson(2 weeks ago)
any chance there are some done to see what they look like

Pacific Sands(2 weeks ago)
Hi All,

Please as outlined above -> TO PURCHASE your personalized Pettinger Point boardwalk plank, email or call 1.800.565.2322.

We will not take orders through comments on here. Thank you!

Pacific Sands(2 weeks ago)
Hi Trina. There are some on the boardwalk already that you will see the next time you walk to Pettinger Point.

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