Wellness Starts With Self-care
Wellness Starts With Self-care
Feeling good

Tofino Spa Resort Services

Pacific Sands offers so many onsite wellness services, returning guests consider it their Tofino spa resort of choice. From private, wood-fired Nordic saunas and signature massage treatments to complimentary summer beach yoga, escape and immerse yourself in nature and self-care. After all, when we make self-care goals a priority, everything else in life seems to flow better. Especially tackling those “bigger goals.”

Naturally Inspired

Tofino’s wild and rugged, West Coast rainforest setting on Vancouver Island gives new meaning to getting grounded. As you breathe in the intoxicating air and feel the Pacific Ocean mist on your face, stress seems to magically melt away. And before you know it, mindful thoughts like “less screen time, more forest bathing” are inspired under a canopy of towering, ancient trees.

The allure of long, sandy beach walks in Cox Bay makes it easy to unplug. You finally indulge in that book you’ve been wanting to read, then take a luxurious afternoon nap. And after an effortless dinner prepared in your fully equipped kitchen, you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

Just when you thought your stay could not possibly get more relaxing, the following wellness services are located steps from your suite.