August 30, 2018 - Contests, Tofino Events

Queen of the Peak Surf Event + Fan Giveaway

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July 31, 2018

Shop Tofino With Our New Online Store

You know those clothes you put on and you just feel good? That well-worn t-shirt that brings back memories, the ball cap that’s shared many a road trip, or the...

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June 28, 2018

Summer Daze in Tofino

Breathe in, breathe out…it’s summertime, which means time to exhale, unplug and take it all in. And nothing says summer like an escape to the beach, especially in our very...

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February 27, 2018

Be a Part of Pettinger Point

Have you ever taken a boardwalk stroll to Pettinger Point? The magic of the whimsical, wooden trail as it weaves through a towering canopy of old-growth forest. Massive, moss-covered trees…

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January 9, 2018

Front-row Seats for Tofino Storm Watching [video]

Some might call the torrential winter rain that comes with a rainforest downright nasty. Others might say getting caught in a winter storm is unlucky. Talk to a Tofino local…

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