Does it get any more fun?


Some things should never change. You are never too old to roast marshmallows! 

We are pleased to offer complimentary S'mores Roasts nightly over during July & August - 6:30 to 7:30pm in the Gazebo.



Pacific Sands Beach Resort and the Raincoast Education Society are excited to offer FREE Kid's Camps all summer long including rainforest exploring, survival skills workshops and more. A huge amount of fun for kids (and not a bad break for Mom and Dad either!)

Complimentary and popular with our young guests, Kid's Camps run from 10:00 to 11:30 am, 7 days a week during July and August.

Children must be dropped off and picked up by an adult. Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult during the camp.


Sea Otters
Come and learn about the furriest mammal in the animal kingdom. We will sing an otter song, play games, and learn all about their very important role in the ocean.

Animal Tracking
Do you know how to tell a wolf and cougar print apart? How about what animals hop or bound? You will learn all about the different animal tracks as you hop and bounce around trying to mimic their gait!

Come and play whale games as you learn about the amazing giants of the sea. You will find out all about their special qualities as well as learn about the differences between baleen and non-baleen whales. Come and check out what real baleen looks like!

Sharks & Skates
Sharks are some of the most incredible fish in our ocean. Yes, they are fish! They have 7 senses and are not afraid to use them all. Come and see what a “mermaid’s purse” really looks like.

Intertidal Investigators
There is a real live aquarium just footsteps from your room. The intertidal area of Cox Bay is full of amazing intertidal animals. You will get to check out this incredible area when the tide is just right!

Rainforest Explorers
You will get to do a rainforest scavenger hunt and learn all about the incredible characteristics of a rainforest – from the tallest cedar to the smallest banana slug!

West Coast Survivor
You will develop skills to build confidence in yourself and others and cooperate to overcome challenges. You will learn about environmental leadership and have the chance to demonstrate your wilderness skills to your family.

Secrets of Nature
How do plants protect themselves and create energy? How do spiders build their webs? How do seabirds keep warm? We have a lot to learn from nature, and this program will share some of these secrets.

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