TV Times in Tofino

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TV Times in Tofino

Tofino has been tearing up the TV networks lately with some fantastically funny coverage!  Did you catch the Rick Mercer Report on CBC?

The Canadian comedian best known for his political rants spent a spectacular day profiling winter surfing with the great women of Surf Sister.  After declaring Tofino “Perhaps the most beautiful place on earth” he goes on to suggest his fabulous pink surf shirt should come with “built in abs”…classic!

Check out Rick and the girls in action:



Speaking of hilarious, you don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy The Food Network’s “Pitchin’ In” with Chef Lynn Crawford.  This gutsy New York chef travels all over North America doing whatever it takes to catch, harvest or gather the freshest ingredient of choice for each show and then she cooks up a fabulous feast for her hosts.  

But it’s not without drama as she’s often knee deep in cranberry bogs, pig pens or fish guts and it’s crack-up funny!

What brought Lynn to Tofino was an episode spotlighting Dungeness Crab.  Hosted by local fishermen from West Pacific Seafood, she schlepped around the boat in gumboots trying to be helpful but went on to prepare an awesome Cantonese inspired crab dinner which she served up on the beach at Clayoquot Island.

To see the yummy crab recipes prepared in this episode follow this link… then: 

1.  Click on:  Season 2

2.  Click on:  Crab