The Perfect Storm – Storm Watching in Tofino

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The Perfect Storm – Storm Watching in Tofino

Some might call the torrential winter rains that come with a rain forest downright nasty.  Others might say getting caught in a winter storm is unlucky. Talk to a Tofino local or seasoned tourist and you’ll see eyes get wide with anticipation.  In fact, storm watching is an attraction in these parts.  A natural phenomenon you truly have to see to believe.

Imagine watching waves that have travelled from Japan – over 4000 miles.  You see them in the distance, continuing to build before your very eyes.  Furiously frothing, white wave after wave, racing towards their ultimate mission… to collide with the beach right in front of you. 

The sound, smell and spray of massive surf exploding against the rocks, crashing into the shore, then rushing and foaming past the tide-line dragging 30 foot logs end-over-end in the storm surge to settle into their new beachscape destination. 

That’s what you can look forward to during Tofino’s storm watching season – October through April – when the Pacific packs a powerful punch on our rugged and exposed shores, especially right here in Cox Bay.

Escape through April 30, 2011 with our Pacific Storm Watching Package and watch fireside and wide-eyed from your oceanfront window or head out into the mist with your Pacific Sands rain slickers.  Whatever vantage point you choose, brace yourself for a jaw-dropping demonstration of Mother Nature and the Pacific Ocean going head to head. 

And the only real winner is the audience lucky enough to bear witness. 


Check out this great Canadian Tourism video capturing a local Tofino perspective on storm watching:



Really want to dig into your inner-Doppler?  Get the latest weather info from Environment Canada or get a satellite view of the weather around Vancouver Island. 

Our live resort beachcam is also a cool place to go for that “being there” feeling (minus the sound, smell and spray part).