Get Stoked with Surf Sister

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Get Stoked with Surf Sister

"Epic vertical”, “dropping in”, and “sick waves”… surfing lingo you might hear if you happen to find yourself floating in the spectacular waters around Tofino waiting for the next swell. As Canada’s surf capital, Tofino is renowned for its year round surf-appeal, miles of sandy surf-able beaches, world-class waves, and top teaching expertise including Surf Sister; a cool crew of accredited, female instructors that specialize in fun.

Krissy Montgomery joined Surf Sister in 2003 – the year after the popular teen movie Blue Crush shone a spotlight on the sport and women in particular. In 2009 she bought the operation and has been paddling her way to success ever since, moving from a 15×15 shack where they were busting at the seams to a new building with double the staff.

“Fifteen years ago surfing was viewed as this crazy, extreme sport. It was rare to see females out there let alone find a woman’s wetsuit,” laughs Krissy. “Now there are so many women in the water and it’s so much more approachable and welcoming to kids and families of any age, any level. We’re having a blast!”

As the water temperature remains a cool but consistent temperature throughout the year, Tofino is best known for winter waves when the Pacific delivers some of the best rides around. It’s all about wetsuits, which do a brilliant job of buffering the chill so you can focus on your hot surf skills!

So maybe now might be a good time to think about getting your feet wet?

Our Pacific Surf Package includes lessons for 2 with Surf Sister complete with equipment, 2 nights ocean view accommodation, and when you’re done telling radical surf stories, settle in with unlimited DVD rentals and popcorn. The lessons are 3 hours and depending on skill levels and wave action, are either held steps from your suite in Cox Bay or a couple of beaches down on Chesterman. How convenient is that?

Check out this video for more on Surf Sister.



PS: Prefer to watch? Surf Sister is holding their annual Queen of the Peak women’s surf competition Oct 13 & 14 – perfect timing for our Pacific Storm Watching Package.