Through the Eye of Jeremy Koreski

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Through the Eye of Jeremy Koreski

You know when you take a photo of a spectacular nature scene, wildlife in their habitat, or high-action sports… and you feel like a pro shooting a National Geographic moment – and then you look at it and realize you didn’t quite capture it? Actually, not even close.

Then you look at professional photos that are so remarkable, they make you stop and stare. And you try to put your finger on what exactly is drawing you in. Is it the composition of live, moving, and inanimate objects? The contrast of colours and textures? The unique depth of field, or a combo?

Count on experiencing waves of moments like those when you see Jeremy Koreski’s collection of Canadian coastal images that are so captivating, you feel like you’re participating.

Born and raised in Tofino, Jeremy discovered a knack and eye for photography when his dad gave him his first camera at 12. Having grown up surfing, he suddenly found himself out on the water less, and shooting his friends more.

Using good old-fashioned film and self-taught editing skills, he got wet and downright mucky as he learned to push the limits of photography in Tofino’s rugged terrain.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and his photos have appeared in surf, nature, outdoor and travel magazines all over the world. His recently released book This is Nowhere is a compilation of his best photos to date, showcasing the love for his home, its unspoiled beauty, and his passion for preserving it for the future.

After years of scuba diving to get the right water perspective, he now enjoys the freedom of freediving, describing it as “Just me and my breath, so I can focus on the photo.”

[See what he means in his underwater selfie above, when a pod of roughly 300 dolphins crashed a tuna fishing trip off the coast of Tofino. How cool is that?]

When Jeremy’s not on a shoot or spending time with his wife Sarah and daughter Bellavita, he has more book projects underway, and enjoys working with the game-changers at Power To Be – a Vancouver and Victoria based non-profit organization that helps people living with disabilities access and explore nature.

Jeremy grew up walking through Pacific Sands to get to the beach to take photos. And now, his signature work can be seen on our website, hanging in our newly renovated Beachfront Suites, and in his ‘This is Nowhere’ book that’s available for fireside page-flipping when you stay in our Beach Houses.