Watch This Epic, New Video Series: Tofino Footprints

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Watch This Epic, New Video Series: Tofino Footprints

When challenged with how to capture the raw beauty and magical ‘sense of place’ that is uniquely Tofino, Tourism Tofino decided to let video do the storytelling through some remarkable locals doing extraordinary things. Aptly named Tofino Footprints, the 3-part video series takes us on a journey through the eyes and ideas of locals sharing, crafting, exploring and collaborating, with a sweeping “slice-of-life” approach that’s as mesmerizing as it is epic.

To make it happen, Tourism Tofino approached Alterna Films – a top Vancouver based production company.

In the launch blog, Carlo Wein, Founder and Producer of Alterna, declared the project, “The perfect combination of film and travel. We were all super excited to get to do what we love in a place as spectacular as Tofino.

“Four days of shooting and several hours of footage later, I was so amazed at the cohesiveness of Tofino. The way the locals collaborated and really wanted to help each other as well as help make the videos better. That’s definitely the beauty of a small intimate community like Tofino – everything overlaps.

“Tofino truly is life and lifestyle first, business second. So it made it fun to find the nuggets to create this 3-part series and we still have tons of great B-roll! We’re thrilled with the finished product, and truly hope we stayed true to Tofino.”

Enough suspense! We can’t wait for you to see what all the fuss is about.

In this 1st of 3 videosTofino Footprints:  Sharing Wisdom – the spotlight is on Dan Harrison and Ariane Batic of the Raincoast Education Society; two very passionate and important participants in the crusade to conserve Clayoquot and Barkley Sound. The way Dan describes Tofino as “one of the last wild places on the planet” is an understatement. Watch this:

In the 2nd video – Tofino Footprints:  Crafting Legacy – we experience the peaceful synergy of how everything in Tofino is connected, even the ancient essence of cedar wood. Watch how local craftsman, Daniel Lamarche, and Wolf in The Fog mixologist, Hailey Pasemko, have a synergistic connection with cedar. Check it out:

And in the final video in the seriesTofino Footprints: Harvesting Passion – a local brewery and meat curator collaborate to create delicious, sustainable, Tofino inspired flavours and products. Enjoy: