INHALE PEACE: Virtual Tofino Beach Yoga

INHALE PEACE: Virtual Tofino Beach Yoga
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INHALE PEACE: Virtual Tofino Beach Yoga

Beach, coastal breezes, and melodic Cox Bay waves set the scene for this third video in our virtual yoga series by the soul-stirring Heidi Macpherson.

Guests can enjoy complimentary summer yoga with Heidi four times a week starting June 25th, but if you can’t be here, the next best thing is Heidi on repeat whenever you feel like it. All that’s missing is sand between your toes.

“This video is like beach medicine,” affirmed Heidi (in her oh-so-calming way), “and I’m hoping people watching see how accessible yoga is for everyone. The best thing about yoga at the beach is it immerses and aligns all five senses with earth, water, and sky to bring ease, peace, and nourishment.”

Are you in?

Pull out your yoga mat, take a deep breath, and give yourself the gift of 20 relaxing, therapeutic minutes in Tofino—and as Heidi suggests—“surrender to all that is.”

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Enjoy even more self-care with the other two videos in Heidi’s virtual yoga series, both filmed at our breathtaking Sunset House:

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For the true, live, and immersive “earth, water, and sky” experience, we look forward to welcoming you soon. In the meantime, ohmmm.